The Order of Cade

Dagan's Awakening Saga
The Order of Cade

Day 14 of sea voyage.
I am fully rejuvenated and found the last of my shards lost from previous encounters, I am alas physically whole.

We are scheduled to arrive on the island of Thermos today.

The vessel is approaching a thick, fog-like substance.

I notice the muscles of the traveling party tense, almost in unison.

The bard readies her voice.

A large thud resonates throughout the vessel.

I cast the Starshine ritual to try to help with sight. It does not help.

Zephyr steers truly and Thermos is in sight.

The party uneasily unwinds.

Except for the gnome, whom always seems ready for bloodshed. Some would call him bloodthirsty, however he goes by Klokworkk. Which seems ridiculous to me, he seems fleshy, not like a clock at all.

We arrive on Thermos.

The party seems uneasy with leaving Zephyr alone with the only way out.

There is chemically imbalanced hermit on the docks waving his arms about with a stick in one hand.

Klokworkk darts off first in his cloudy form, from past experiences I would say he’s headed towards the local tavern.

We are close behind.

(I do not like the sand.)

The hermit stops Klokworkk with the tip of his stick.

(It gets stuck in weird places.)

The hermit reacts in a weird manner.

(And apparently it’s not socially acceptable to dig sand out of said places in public.)

Klokwokk overreacts and almost obliterates the hermit’s stick and continues on his way to the tavern.

(I’ve not yet mastered the social aspects of life.)

The hermit alerts us that he is one of “them.”

I’ve no idea what “they” are but I am curious.

I want to know who “they” are.

The hermit investigates us in the same manner.

We are not “them.”

He introduced himself as Dink.

I’ve heard that some non-construct beings are “damaged.”

I believe I will categorize Dink as damaged.

We inquire about “them.”

He talks in loops.

We are not “they.”

“They” are “them.”

He is “them,” though. (Klokworkk)

We leave Dink in search for the tavern.

We see Klokworkk’s cloudiness in the corner and make our way over there.

The bard seems entranced by the sound of the lute echoing throughout the tavern.

(I believe this bard, Celesti, has a deficit in the attention department of her brain.
Scientists will later label this as a disorder, I believe.)

She, Celesti, inquires about the instrument as we make our way towards Klokworkk.

Sawcimoor orders a glass of milk,

—It smells of almonds.

—Almonds are associated with cyanide.

(I’m not sure who communicates with —’s but it sounded important)

Sawcimoor and Klokworkk ask who works in the kitchen.

The barkeep informs the two Patty works in the kitchen.

Right after this question is asked the back door slams.

Sawcimoor and Klokworkk dart over the bar and trample through the kitchen after the culprit, Patty.

The culprit is amazingly fast.

(I am not.)

We, as a whole now, are chasing Patty.

Over a fence.

Down an alley.

Patty was finally tackled by Kain.

Patty took her own life with a dagger as she was tackled.

Upon further inspection we found that Patty was very well adapted to the aquatic life.

Patty was elderly.

She had a symbol of Dagan as well.

(I’m not sure why Sawcimoor, Kain, and Klokworkk all seemed very anxious, perhaps some past experience?)

Just in case we needed evidence that Patty was a Dagan worshipper, Rowan placed her into his bag of holding.

We begin talking about what to do.

We have objectives.

We must talk to the Governor to inform him that we have brought the building materials and rations.

And we must stop at a musical instrument shoppe. (At least now I know what Celesti and the musician were talking about.)

We stop by the instrument shoppe first.

(This seems less important.)

Celesti no longer wants a lute, she wants a lyre.

(It is less important.)

A gnome-lady appears from the back room and takes a seat at gnome-sized counter.

She introduces herself as Bertha.

(This seems weird to me. Every Bertha I’ve ever met was fairly large. Maybe she is large amongst gnomes?)

Bertha tells Celesti the price. (10gp)

Celesti looks to Sawcimoor.

Sawcimoor shells out 10gp.

(I believe the economy of this little town is now ruined.)

Celesti seems content.

Sawcimoor seems 10gp lighter.

We make our way towards the Governor’s mansion, finally.

We approach the mansion.

A foreboding sense is present.

We knock.

A servant answers the door.

We inform him why we are here.

He leads us to the library to wait.

Sawcimoor begins cataloguing the Governor’s library.

(He seems unimpressed.)

Sawcimoor settles and spots a childhood favorite: The History of History.

We, as a whole, feel uneasy.

Rowan eagerly checks everything for traps, with a child’s sense of curiosity.

Some time passes.

Sawcimoor finishes his book with a chuckle.

The Governor arrives.

He apologizes for the wait.

Sawcimoor tells Oreal Nanther who we are and why we are here.

Oreal Nanther seems pleased.

Kain asks if the mansion has been blessed.

Oreal Nanther informs us the local priest of Pelor blessed the mansion.

We, as a whole, grow uneasy.

(Either this priest is incompetent or evil.)

Kain offers to re-bless the mansion.

Oreal Nanther seems fine with this.

Kain begins in the room we are in, the library.

He speaks in an intelligible language and waves his spear around.

Kain makes his way throughout the main floor, blessing with every step.

We follow closely.

We make our way to the staircase.

(The foreboding sense is stronger here.)

We check around the staircase.

There is a wall on the left side of the staircase that is not quite right.

We ask Oreal Nanther if we could inspect further.

Raakious readies his maul.

Oreal Nanther nods.

Raakious swings.

The pseudo-wall falls, revealing a decrepit spiraling staircase.

We ask Oreal Nanther if he has any armor he can adorn.

He nods and eagerly sprints to his quarters.

He returns fully adorned in paper-thin ceremonial armor.

(If we get into a quarrel in the depths of this building I will take hits like a champ compared to Oreal Nanther.)

We need someone to guard the entrance.

Rowan wipes the drool from his chin and eagerly volunteers.

We make our way down the stairs.

(There are portraits of spiky blond warriors hanging on the walls.)


We reach the bottom.

The room is relatively small.

In the middle of the room there is a symbol of Dagan, suspended over a reverberating crystal.

We examine the crystal.

—Karn’s Loot +1

The fiesty, height-challenged humanoid drop kicks the symbol of Dagan.

It falls and crashes on the floor.

We decide we must talk to this “priest of Pelor.”

We make our way up the spiral staircase.

We arrive at the top.

Rownan, stumbling, follows along.

We walk through the village.

(I notice prices have increased exponentially at stalls and shops.)

We approach the temple and hesitantly walk in.

The priest approaches us and introduces himself as Artoris.

We ask about Dink the Mad and why he is afraid of Klokworkk.

He informs us that Dink the Mad is “touched” and that if we would like him to he would examine Klokworkk for a small donation to the almighty Pelor.

Klokworkk hands over 100gp.

The priest does not seem satisfied.

Klokworkk hands over another 400gp.

The priest seems pleased.

(This religion thing seems expensive.)

He examines Klokworkk and expresses concern.

He tells us that what he must tell Klokworkk needs to be told in private.

Klokworkk looks worried.

We leave him and wait outside of the temple.

Klokworkk walks out of the temple rather quickly with a worried smile on his face.

He tells us he is going to the governor’s mansion.

We follow.

We arrive and are shown our quarters for the night.

I begin communicating telepathically with Klokworkk to figure out the problem.

Apparently Artoris is a servant of Dagan and has plans to resurrect him in 3 days.

(I relay the message to the party.)

Artoris and some of his servants plan to poison the banquet that is scheduled to happen in 2 days.

(I relay this as well.)

Night falls.

Klokworkk returns to Artoris to see if he can acquire more info.

Celesti, Raakious, Kain, and I return to Dink the Mad to see if we can pry anymore information.

(No new information acquired. Dink the Mad is truly damaged.)

We arrive back at the mansion.

Klokworkk arrives shortly after.

(His attempts to gather anymore information were also unfruitful.)

We decide the priest must die.

The following morning we ask Oreal Nanther to invite the priest over to investigate an odd finding, the spiral staircase.

We prepare our assault.

[Positioned as follows:

Kain: top of the spiral staircase.

Sawcimoor: top of the spiral staircase.

Celesti: bottom of the spiral staircase.

Raakious: bottom of the spiral staircase.

Klokworkk: bottom of the spiral staircase.

Karn: bottom of the spiral staircase.

Rowan: Possibly chasing pigeons?]

Artoris arrives at the mansion.

Oreal Nanther shows him to the spiral staircase.

Artoris reaches with his left hand for Kain’s hand to help him down the stairs.


Kain grabs the elderly elf’s arm and flips him over.

Sawcimoor simultaneously breaks the senior’s right arm.

Artoris drops his cane.

Artoris tumbles down the spiraling staircase.

(You can hear the cracking of the osteoporosis-infected bones as each step meets his body.

The rest of the Order of Cade is at the ready.)

Artoris finally reaches the bottom of the staircase not knowing what else awaited him.

I fire a multicolored beam illuminating the room with the color spectrum.

Klokworkk fires a mischievous blast of Eldritch smothering the previous colors in ominous red and black.

Raakious swings his mighty maul, striking the senior in the lower back.


Celesti swings her piercing mace, striking the elder in the leg.


We inspect the mangled body to see if is still living.


Artoris is indeed dead.

We behead him with great difficulty. (No one has a large bladed weapon.)

Rowan appears.

He places another corpse into his bag of holding.

Klokworkk loot: +1 (the staff)

We head to the temple.

We ransack the office of Artoris.

A trap goes off.

It misses everyone.


(I don’t have enough health to be taking flak from anything, period.)

Klokworkk recovers his 500gp.

I find a ritual book.

Ritual Book: +7 rituals to Karn

We also find gems and holy Pelor relics.

They do not wish to piss off another god.

They leave the Pelor relics and take the gems.

We head back to the mansion.

Down the spiraling staircase.

Remove the corpse and its head.

I begin the Speak to Dead ritual.

We can ask three questions.

Until next time.

We’re still thinking about how to word our questions to be as specific as possible.
(The dead are tricky.)

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