A cleric of Vecna who stole Bahamut's power



Cestus is credited with bringing the time of darkness on the land when he captured the avatar of Bahamut and use its power to conquer the known world. He used some of the power to turn the heroes who tried to stop him into generals to help rule this new land.


After conquering the known lands he disappeared from public view, most likely researching how to best use the untold power to conquer more of the planes. He was betrayed by some of the heroes he converted and was thrown into an unstable portal. His current location is unknown, but he still is alive as his portion of Bahamut’s power has not been returned.

Lore learned by Sawcimoor from Sawcesome

The Betrayal:

Somehow Sawcicus was able to break Cestus’ hold on him. He then recruited my brother to help him defeat Cestus. They succeeded to a point, Cestus’ hold over his generals were broken and they were more or less free to do as they pleased. Cestus himself was badly wounded and fled through a portal the warrior Sawcicus went in right behind him with your father hot on their heels. What became of them I do not know. I haven’t been able to scry them and Nimo hasn’t found any rumors of their existence. I don’t know what became of them.


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