Oreal Nanther


The son of Lord Nanther, one of the rulers of Melvaunt, Oreal is a part time adventurer, part time governor, but mostly a spoiled noble’s son.

He was first introduced to the campaign when our heroes were recruited to save Melvaunt’s nobles’ children. He was the leader of the crew that went to clear a local keep of an orc infestation. Luck was not with them as the only experienced member of their part was killed by orcs and they were taken captive. The Order of Cade managed to save the day and earn the adoration of Oreal who sees them as the best heroes in the land.

Lord Nanther later allowed Oreal to become governor of a small chain of islands off the coast of Sathizeer. Nanther thought that such a low maintenance city would help his son to become a better noble, but with the recent giant invasion refugees have been flocking to the city of Thermos. This has caused Oreal to be thrown way out of his element and actually do something. Oreal was relieved to see his heroes show up to deliver supplies, but was not nearly excited when the Order found the remnants of Dagan’s cult there.

Oreal Nanther

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