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  • Donaar Saga

    h3. Summary (Quick Summary of what exactly happened during this saga) h3. Awesome Moments during this particular saga h3. Not so awesome moments.. h3. Order members that left/died/joined h3. Other?

  • Band of the Hand

    These were the brave adventurers that tried to conquer the Tomb of Horrors. They failed to defeat the lich within and were recruited by [[:acerak]]. This was many years before the start of the [[Prelude | prelude]]. The Band was used in various ways …

  • Oreal Nanther

    The son of Lord Nanther, one of the rulers of Melvaunt, Oreal is a part time adventurer, part time governor, but mostly a spoiled noble's son. He was first introduced to the campaign when our heroes were recruited to save Melvaunt's nobles' children. …