Band of the Hand

These were the brave adventurers that tried to conquer the Tomb of Horrors. They failed to defeat the lich within and were recruited by Acerak. This was many years before the start of the prelude.

The Band was used in various ways by Acerak, but unbeknowst to them Sean Connery hadn’t been turned evil by the trap that they fell victim to. He worked to counter Acerak’s goals and succeeded longer than one would have suspected. However, in the end he was killed and the Band of the Hand continued to do the bidding of Acerak.

It is still undetermined if the Band of the Hand remains at large.


  • Gurk the Nine-Fingered
  • Grunther the Meat Shield
  • Tiefon Ironbelly the Spiker
  • Scyther the Hot
  • Sean Connery the Traitor (Replaced Scyther after an unfortunate trip into a lava pit.)

Main Campaign References:

During the Donaar Saga the adventurers entered a crystal tower created by Acerak. Inside they found various references to the Band of the Hand:
  • “The gate is harmless, if a bit menacing. Be more worried about what’s coming soon! Try to get to the matching hoop in each level to survive, but beware they all require some trickery to open. This tower is merely a test at my lord’s insistence so if you have need of rest call upon Acerak’s blessing… but beware his boon does not come cheap-SC” AKA Sean Connery.
  • “Not quite on the path but along the way towards the hoop there appears to be a large skull pinned to the ground by a spear of some sort. Though it does seem to be a very strange spear, a little too thick and the end looks like it was forcibly broken off of something.” This was used by Grunther during the Tomb of Horrors. He broke it off of a spike trap once his original equipment was lost.
  • “Once you get to the hoop you see it is pitted and drooping almost as if it had been covered in some vile substance. On the ground next to it is a large scorch mark and there appears to be a large metal spike with a haphazard grip lashed around the end.” This was Tiefon’s weapon of choice after a teleportation gate removed all of his equipment.
  • “You see what appears to be a piece of brown leather sticking out of the water over one of the deeper spots.” The piece of leather was a pair of gloves with only nine fingers, this was an obvious reference to Gurk’s unfortunate incident with the Demon Statue’s mouth. It was never determined why the Band left their gear there, but it can be assumed they were in the process of upgrading as adventurers usually do.

Band of the Hand

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