Dagan's Return Saga

Summary (Quick Summary of what exactly happened during this saga)

Events thus far in this saga.

  • The Order is recruited by Lord Nanther to check on his son Oreal Nanther who has been appointed governor of the city of Thermos. Much to their displeasure it is an island and they fear Dagan is going to make the trip “interesting.”
  • The Order leaves the city of Gajeen on the boat of Zephyr. Along the way to Thermos they are attacked by Dagan’s minions and are forced to defend the boat and themselves.
  • After finally managing to fight off the waves of enemies they arrive at the city of Thermos. They are confronted by Dink the Mad and are tipped off that Dagan may be more active here than they had thought.
  • A cook at a local tavern attempts to poison Sawcimoor and the heroes give chase. Patty kills herself rather than be interrogated. They find a holy symbol of Dagan.
  • A lyre is bought and our heroes meet with Oreal Nanther and discover an ancient shrine to Dagan.

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Dagan's Return Saga

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