Revenge of the Giants Break

Note: We started this adventure, but it wasn’t really our cup of tea (and there was a whole lot of fail spread throughout..). So on that note we sort of fast forwarded through the events, but kept them canon for the most part.

As our heroes were leaving the city of Gajeen they came across a fellow traveler being attacked by elemental creatures. The Order came to his rescue and were recruited to help stop an invasion of giants from destroying the known lands. They soon discovered that the giants were going to resurrect an ancient primordial to help their conquest. To achieve this the giants needed a portion of divine power, which was going to be provided by one of Cestus’ generals.

After effects for the campaign

  • The Order fought against various types of giants and finally were able to seal the primordial away once and for all, but not before a large swath of the countryside was devastated by giantkin.
  • The Order managed to defeat Torgal and release the portion of Bahamut’s power back to its rightful owner.
  • The Order is considered by some as heroes for stopping the giants, but are despised by others because of their failures to protect a lot of the country side.
  • Our heroes allowed the lich Acerak to learn of them in the past and Acerak managed to watch them using a time travel ritual. They are still uncertain if he has been able to replicate the magic.

Revenge of the Giants Break

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