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The beginning of the Order of Cade was an inauspicious one. Many years after the Companions of the Cave were sacrificed to bring Bahamut to this plane, a group of travelers, who had never met one another, were hired in Oakhurst by Tyreal to find some ritual reagents. These adventurers were Sawcimoor Moonblood, an eladrin warlord; Eliwood Longbottom, a halfling rogue; Tom Riddle, and eladrin wizard; Vayne Bronzebeard, a dwarf cleric; Rush Stormshield, a dragonborn paladin; and Hector Spiderbait, a tiefling fighter. Thus, these adventurers became a party and began their adventures together.

Not long after a few fights with various creatures, the party met Cade Dimond, a human warlock who had escaped from a group of bugbear slave-traders and needed the party’s help to retrieve his equipment. This would be the party’s first great failure, for Sawcimoor, Vayne, Rush, and Hector were all killed in this fight. After making the hard choice to revive only Sawcimoor and Vayne, the surviving three buried Rush and Hector and returned to Oakhurst with the reagents. Against their better judgment, the surviving three used what gold they had to pay the local cleric of Vecna to revive Sawcimoor. With solid black orbs for eyes, Sawcimoor returned to this plane after conversing with Death. The four then left to find an eladrin village in the Feywild since Tyreal wanted bark from a tree found there. Also, the eladrin priest, Sylvanus, was rumored to be powerful enough to resurrect the rest of their allies.

Many days passed with the party constantly failing to enter the village. They finally realized they could only enter at sunrise or sunset, and thus, entered the eladrin community. Before they could see Sylvaus, though, they were tested in combat against a handful of eladrin warriors. The eladrin found the party worthy—especially the female warrior, Arwen, who Eliwood took a fancy to—and the four met with Sylvanus. The priest did not simply give the adventurers what they requested, however. He sent them to kill the corrupted forest spirit Ookaz before he would give them the bark and revive Vayne. With a great sigh, the party accepted and were joined by a dwarf fighter named Littel Bigman. Though they appreciated having an extra ally (or in Tom’s case—an extra shield), the group soon regretted the decision as Littel began indiscriminately chopping down trees to cross a river and angered a sentient tree by the name of Rootbeard. The Ent let the party go on their way after a few dire threats, and they soon found Ookaz. The decaying owlbear proved quite an ordeal for the five warriors, and they only narrowly defeated its beautiful self. True to his word, Sylvanus let them have a piece of the sacred bark and resurrected Vayne.

On their way back to Oakhurst, though, the group made a detour to Eastbrook, a small human village, to get some supplies. In the tailor shop of a woman named Sonya, Tom noticed blood on the floor and they soon found out the blood belonged to the former leader of the local orcs, Garth Bloodaxe. Garth and Sonya admit they are in love with each other and Garth tells the group that the orcs would soon invade Eastbrook. Although the town’s people did not believe the words of Garth, they believed the adventurers and plans were drawn up to repel the enemy orcs. The day finally arrived and the six warriors fought alongside the Eastbrook citizens and Garth, but the orcs were too many and the village fell. The survivors were captured as slaves, but the warriors were no longer welcomed by the citizens since Tom had killed more of them than he had orcs.

Things looked bad for the party, but they were soon liberated by none other than Wendle—a powerful human wizard well known in the area for having his mind flayed by a…well, a mind-flayer. But, thanks to Cestus and his only non-undead general Rolen, Wendle was once again himself. Wendle revealed to the adventurers that it was he whom Tyreal worked for, and it was himself whom the party now worked for. He told them that he no longer wished to be the lap-dog of Cestus and he rescued them so that they could kill Rolen. The group (especially Sawcimoor and Tom) were more than happy to take on this job. He informed their best shot would be to be one of the teams that won Rolen’s Hunt. The winners of this hunt would not only get to dine in Rolen’s mansion, but they would also get to ask Rolen for one favor. First though, they would have to deal with his two lieutenants: Ganjir, the bugbear slaver responsible for the four deaths the party had suffered, and Diabus, high priest of Vecna. Again, the party readily accepted. The six ambushed Ganjir in the stables of the Chained Wench tavern. The bugbear was no match for the six and an enraged Sawcimoor decapitated the fallen slave-trader.

The party returned successful and Wendle told them their next mission had two objectives. Not only would they have to kill the cleric, but they would also need to free as many of the prisoners as possible since they would either be used as werewolf food or turned into werewolves themselves for Rolen’s Hunt. The party would only be five, though, as Wendle sent Littel on a different mission. Using Dradic’s grave, the five allies successfully infiltrated the temple. After a few run-ins with some creatures, the party found the Eastbrook citizens and a goliath warden by the name of Blocter McMannot. Blocter insisted on joining the adventurers, and the party told Garth to lead the Eastbrook folk safely out. The party soon found the room that the cleric had been using to turn people into werewolves. They knew they were in trouble, though, when Sawcimoor began to get headaches the closer he got to the magic chamber.

The group devised a plan, and Sawcimoor fought through the pain to direct Eliwood on how to rearrange the glyphs so that the circle would backfire on the cleric. The party hid and waited on the cleric. They heard the circle explode and ambushed the cleric and his guards. The warlord sat out of the fight, but in the end, the party finally triumphed. They would face another tragedy, however, as they realized too late the exploding circle had damaged the platform and had begun a chain reaction that would cause it to fall into the abyss. Before the entire group could escape, the cleric used his powers to draw Cade close and the two fell through the chaos. The building began to shake, so the party reluctantly escaped. Once again outside of Dradic’s grave, the party took cover as the temple imploded due to the abyssal portal’s instability. They all felt bad about losing Cade (except Tom), but the party would get to experience a bittersweet victory. Sawcimoor’s eyes allowed him to see Cade and the cleric as they fell through hell. He told them that Cade did not simply give in to his fate. Instead, the warlock continued to fight the cleric in the abyss. As the cleric was near true death, Cade summoned all of his power and destroyed the evil priest with extreme prejudice. After seeing his friend’s victory, Sawcimoor’s eyes returned to normal. The party didn’t know it at the time, but the explosion of the temple would become something of their trademark.

Once again, they returned successful to Wendle. Wendle then told them now would be the time for them to rest and wait for the Hunt. But, Wendle sent Eliwood on a special mission to strategically place a number of dragon statuettes around Rolen’s mansion. These statuettes would release fire when the phrase “Pass the potatoes, please,” was said. After some time, neither Littel nor Eliwood returned and the party assumed the worst. The time finally came for them to enter the hunt, but they needed five to legitimately enter. After some persuading, they finally convinced Garth to put his name on the roll. Then it was time for the adventurers to decide on a name and a leader. They decided to call themselves “The Order of Cade” in honor of their fallen friend, and reluctantly, Sawcimoor accepted the role of leader.

Even though his name was on the list, Garth did not join the Order on the Hunt. As Wendle had promised, they eventually came upon a demon who was ordered to allow them to kill him. With the demon dead, the Order successfully won their way into the mansion. The calm before the storm came and went and the Order found themselves in the presence of the legendary archer. The Order’s cover was blown when Tom could no longer contain his anger at being so near his nemesis, so he turned to Rolen, effectively revealing his identity. Thus, the first great fight of the Order’s began. After Sawcimoor gave the command to the statuettes, the other two parties joined Rolen and his guards in fighting the Order. Severely outnumbered, it seemed as though they would fall, but salvation came when Garth entered the fray with the newly released Eliwood and Littel. Now seven, the party turned the tables on Rolen and his allies. But, the fire made its way into the battle and some had to start jumping out of windows to survive. The end came when Bloc dealt a crushing final blow on the aged ranger. Angry at being denied the satisfaction of killing his enemy, Tom launched Bloc through a window and demanded the other members of the Order abandon him and escape. Distraught at what this man who had become something like a father (hey, you take what you get) to him said, Sawcimoor dove out of a window to relative safety. The mansion burning down around him, Tom raised his arms wide and looked up, accepting his end next to the elf who had ruined his life. This is how the first of Cestus’s generals met his end.

Those who escaped were subsequently arrested, and once again, Wendle gave the Order an out. Garth chose to stay behind with Sonya, and Vayne and Littel both decided to part with the Order. So, in order to save face with Cestus’s forces, Wendle tossed Sawcimoor, Eliwood, and Bloc into his undead caverns letting them know that for a while, the undead would not harm them and at the end of the cavern they would find a gate allowing them to teleport to safety. When they landed, the three found their equipment and began making their way to where they believed the gate to be. The eventually found it, but the party realized the undead were no longer as under control as they once were. Sawcimoor worked as fast as he could, and—with the undead making their move—he activated the portal and the three friends dove through. Where they would land, they had no idea….

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  • Sawcimoor Moonblood the Warlord
  • Eliwood Longbottom the Rogue
  • Tom Riddle the Wizard


Rolen Saga

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